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05/30/15 at 04:17:27
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1  The Lounge / General Chat / Re: the term "humpster"
 on: Yesterday at 23:58:46 
Started by amxdreamer | Post by chickenman
Maybe it's because they have a back seat not like the earlier AMX's.  Grin Grin Garry
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2  Swap Meet / Wanted / 71-74 AMX  dash overlay.
 on: Yesterday at 23:46:56 
Started by zx401 | Post by zx401
Anybody have a decent  engine turned overlay with air?  Even one cut for an after market radio would work as I am putting an aftermarket radio in it anyway.
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3  Swap Meet / Wanted / wiper arms
 on: Yesterday at 22:24:12 
Started by matadorman 401 | Post by matadorman 401
looking for some wiper arms for a matt 72 back have a set for 73 they are too big need smaller arms where they mount to the post  cry
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4  Swap Meet / For Sale / Re: Lots of AMC Toys
 on: 05/28/15 at 23:00:13 
Started by Rebel Machine | Post by Rebel Machine
All have been sold pending payment.
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5  The Lounge / General Chat / the term "humpster"
 on: 05/28/15 at 19:18:46 
Started by amxdreamer | Post by amxdreamer
I can't believe how the term "humpster" has stuck Fran! I see it as a topic on other forums and FB where people love it or flat out hate it! It's all about those great humpy fenders! One guy said he hates it because it sounds like the car is being referred to as a dumpster....huh? Grin
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6  Tech Talk / Restoration Corner & Member's Projects / Re: 68 Javelin - Project Down Under
 on: 05/28/15 at 11:32:36 
Started by AussieJav | Post by WestOzJavelinMan
Great to see some progress, keep at it.
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7  The Lounge / Events: Shows/Drags/Swap Meets / Re: AMO 2015 Nationals - Cleveland OH
 on: 05/27/15 at 14:52:40 
Started by amxdreamer | Post by Pit Crew
I was just informed that the city of Independence has approved some RV parking at the old middle school. The middle school is approximately one mile from the host hotel and approximately one mile from the show field.,+6001+Rocksi de+Rd,+Independence,+OH+44131,+United+States/41.3837787,-81.6411395/@41.3893283,-81.6489947,15z/data=!4m8!4m7!1m5!1m1!1s0x8830e5cae55ca943:0xcdea46333f0f60f3!2m2!1d-81.649135!2d41.397199!1m0
There will be NO hookups available so only self contained RVs can be accommodated.
If you are interested or need additional information please contact:
Dale Veverka at 216-407-8657
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8  Tech Talk / Engine Repair/Modifications / Re: Grafting Mopar Victor 383 to AMC RPM Air-Gap
 on: 05/27/15 at 05:36:56 
Started by SuperStockAMX | Post by SuperStockAMX
Latest news. I was supposed to get the block, heads & head gaskets I intend on using over to the shop for final fit on the base (port match) last week. Got tied up with work and finally delivered today. Of course now he's a little busier but he said he could get back on it in another week.  
I deliberated for a week over which block I wanted to use as there were pluses and minuses on both blocks and rotating assemblies. While the 4-bolt 55 mm cam tunnel is plenty trick, it needs slight crank repair to the 5-6 pin and a new set of rods. That's just out of budget with my zero budget. So back to the 2-bolt block as it has a perfectly good rotating assembly and even the rings and bearings are still good. It has two sleeves (also 5-6 from a broken cam as a result of failed Schubeck lifter!) and repairs to the inner head-bolt holes on four holes where the cracks between the holes were pinned and the holes heli-coiled. Will be using head stud's instead of bolts. This is a filled block with 50mm roller cam bearings and bushed lifter bores along with all the normal squaring, decking and line boring. The roller cam bearings will be coming out and replaced with rabbit 55mm bearings as I have two roller cams that are 55mm. And about now I wish one of them was a 50mm as I like the roller bearing cam tunnel the best but a new cam is around $850.00 and a very, very long wait. And I'm not really in the mood for waiting anymore!  
Finally sat the Torker next to the Victor today as I delivered parts. It looks better than I thought (even though it is still away from final). I wake up thinking "OMG, all this work to the Victor and in the end it looks just like the Torker!"  
Obviously the manifolds are sitting on two different brand X blocks as the bench was full but here's a comparison.  
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9  Swap Meet / Wanted / 72 Javelin reaar valance
 on: 05/27/15 at 01:41:34 
Started by 67amrcn | Post by 67amrcn
Somebody must have a rear valance,(roll pan)for a 72 Javelin, for sale.
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10  Tech Talk / AMC Interchange / 77 matador 4dr windshield interchange?
 on: 05/26/15 at 14:41:09 
Started by tomslik | Post by tomslik
anybody have a Hollander?
like to know what else this nice windshield out of a 77 matador 4dr fits
probably the wagon version but what else, if anything?
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