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07/31/16 at 01:36:43
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1  Tech Talk / Engine Repair/Modifications / Re: Grafting Mopar Victor 383 to AMC RPM Air-Gap
 on: Yesterday at 18:47:38 
Started by SuperStockAMX | Post by SuperStockAMX
Sitting here at another swim meet. Two.of my four kids made state which is where I'm at. One made it to Zone Age Group finals in Utah 3 weeks from now. Still unpacking in spare time...
Machine shop in CA did a great job with getting the cylinder bores round again using Diamond Hone. I'm not sure if this is an accurate way of saying it but it's like CNC honing.  
Unfortunately, my pistons which have about 30 runs on them offer .0095" clearance. So new pistons or..
Consulted with Total Seal Rings and they HIGHLY suggested Line2Line coatings for the skirts. Google it. Basically it's an Abbradable Powder Coating which is applie to a near interference fit. You scuff the coating until you can push the piston through with both thumbs then assemble engine. Breaking in the engine wears the coating "self clearancing" and then the wear stops. Very good info on their web site so check it out.  
Still not sold I contacted Diamond as that's the Pistons I have. Much to my surprise they immediately told me to call Line2Line. Or buy $1200 Pistons (gulp)!
Lastly, I was talking to a friend whom is an aircraft mechanic. He new all about APC as its used on turbine engines. He had training at General Dynamics and told me APC was the difference in one engine making 17,000 # of thrust and another making 22,000 # with APC. At that point I was completely sold.  
Sent Pistons off this week. Looking at 10 day turnaround and $300 on 10 Pistons.  
Once back I can start assembly.
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2  Swap Meet / For Sale / Timing cover and pair of gears
 on: 07/29/16 at 21:49:26 
Started by jimjam186 | Post by jimjam186
Spare timing cover and cam, distributor gears pulled from a 360 jeep years back.  Offer.
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3  Tech Talk / Tires, Brakes & Suspension / Re: WSC coil overs
 on: 07/29/16 at 02:31:40 
Started by 4.0 Rambler | Post by 4.0 Rambler
Thanks for the feedback
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4  Swap Meet / For Sale / Re: Amc 727 transmission/ 291c heads
 on: 07/29/16 at 02:18:07 
Started by amx390ssc | Post by matadorman 401
why can't you be closer  Grin
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5  Tech Talk / Restoration Corner & Member's Projects / Re: Bob Webb's unique '72 AMX 401
 on: 07/27/16 at 16:01:00 
Started by NellsJavelin | Post by turbo
The front of the engine was leaking like crazy from the intake manifold.  I removed the intake and timing cover and cleaned and repainted both and then reassembled same using a torker which really allows the engine to shine.  The thing was ticking like a time bomb so I went under the valve covers and found one of the roller rocker pivots installed up side down so I fixed that and readjusted the roller rockers.  You could see that one rocker arm was sitting way higher than the rest. Now quiet.  The panel fit on the drivers door was way off and wasn't fixed before the pin stripe was painted on.  I fixed the door fit then repainted the stripe.  It's all about fit, finish, and function.  That's what I do when I get a car.  The charcoal canister was falling off from stripped screw holes.  Fixed that.  I AM very happy with the job he did in the interior.  Beautifully wrapped steering wheel in matching leather.  Seats beautifully done.  Headliner real nice.  Got to get rid of that carb and get something with an electric choke, though.  Very nice vinyl top installation.  Speedo way off.  Still working on that.  Engine is a beast.  Trans is great (for an auto).  Alternator or regulator was kaput when I got it, works fine now.  The msd distributor was bottoming out in the oil pump gear groove and bouncing around like crazy while running so I went back to stock with a pertronix.  The water pump was grinding into the back of the timing cover so much that you could barely turn it by hand so it took two gaskets to shim it out properly.  Lots of HP left on the table there. Hood fit was way too high in the back when closed. It's all in the details......
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6  Tech Talk / Tires, Brakes & Suspension / Re: WSC coil overs
 on: 07/26/16 at 21:02:12 
Started by 4.0 Rambler | Post by mramc
WSC web site is down and I don't know how long it been down. They never pushed there stuff that much any way. LRDaum
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7  Racing/Off-Roading / Drag Racing / Re: Suspension setup
 on: 07/26/16 at 15:25:49 
Started by 70Javelin360 | Post by RADAMX
calvert springs  and bars
et streets on 8 inch wide wheels
competition engineering shocks
factory front springs with 1 coil removed
home built lower K-frame and lower A-frames
stock spindles and trunions
best 60 ft 1.36
best et 8.95
3345 lbs
strange brakes on rear  
wilwood on front
no problem stopping from 155+ mph
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8  Tech Talk / Tires, Brakes & Suspension / Re: WSC coil overs
 on: 07/25/16 at 22:49:46 
Started by 4.0 Rambler | Post by Javelin GT
Control Freak is about the only place making a setup like that.  You can make your own for allot less.
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9  Tech Talk / Engine Repair/Modifications / Re: Problem cam cores
 on: 07/24/16 at 00:59:12 
Started by needafasterAMX | Post by SKeown
Bullet Cams has correct/proper cores for AMC engines. They also have Harold Brookshire's (Ultradyne) lobe profiles. I doubt there is a better cam designer than Harold, even when it comes to valve train longevity or power making potential. Tim at Bullet is a 30 year associate with Brookshire and the ideal person and place to acquire custom AMC cams. When I say custom I mean a camshaft tailored for you're particular needs, better than an off the shelf or other designers variety.
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10  Tech Talk / Engine Repair/Modifications / Re: Problem cam cores
 on: 07/23/16 at 19:12:28 
Started by needafasterAMX | Post by SuperStockAMX
Common problem. Comp Cams FINALLY got the issue addressed after years of complaints. On my CC's, shop just resorted to putting the cam in a lathe and turning down the back side which needs to be done or the lifter will interfere with the journal.
I use Redline Racing Cams. I know he has AMC cores which seems a rarity nowadays. These are custom; he designs and builds all in house. Call him a "boutique", but his stuff is fast and much better on the valve springs. Ask Adkins if you want a second opinion. Google it
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