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11/29/14 at 04:56:21
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1  Swap Meet / For Sale / Early Gremlin/Hornet parts for sale.
 on: Today at 04:42:36 
Started by 1792 MAT. | Post by 1792 MAT.
 I have some 1970 - up sheet metal for Gremlin/Hornets up for sale- nice rust free Gremlin hood,includes chrome emblem,no major dents i'm aware of $200.00.Right and left doors- both need work,have rust issiues but are salvageable, comes w/ glass-door handles, ect. $100.00 ea.Rt. & lt. frount fenders,some rust on tops $75.00 ea.Complete air dam package off a Hornet AMX includes frount spoiler,and all eight wheel well flares,$100.00.Also have the rear window louvre from same Hornet AMX, needs middle braces welded $100.00.All prices open for offers,make package deal?Sorry NO shipping on large items.Pick-up in north-central OH.P.M. me or call 937-547-0935.
                                                                          1792 MAT.  Wink
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2  Tech Talk / Engine Repair/Modifications / Re: Main Studs
 on: Today at 01:15:40 
Started by Rebel Machine | Post by tufcj
Ford 351 Windsor or 2 bolt big block Chevy will work.
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3  Tech Talk / Transmission & Drivetrain Repair/Modifications / Re: gremlin rear end
 on: Today at 00:48:59 
Started by sandmountainjeep | Post by Jonny B
68-9 AMX Model 20 rears are a bolt-in, just have to shorted the driveshaft.  You can find those in Twin-Grip or put in a locker.
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4  Racing/Off-Roading / Kill Stories / Re: 72 Javelin the 2014 Street to strip outlaw cha
 on: Today at 00:10:37 
Started by FrogLeg | Post by fast401
Very cool!!!!
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5  Tech Talk / Chassis Electrical / Re: '68 AMX turn signal
 on: Yesterday at 23:49:57 
Started by Vintageracer | Post by Vintageracer
Combination of weather and other demands have kept me away from the car. I printed out your suggestions and threw the paper on the driver's seat... in case I don't get to it 'til Spring.
Did check the ground though... it was okay.  
Thanx, David
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6  Tech Talk / Engine Repair/Modifications / Main Studs
 on: Yesterday at 23:16:13 
Started by Rebel Machine | Post by Rebel Machine
Looking for some main cap studs to mount my windage tray to. Milodon lists a set but they appear to be the only manufacturer that offers them for the AMC V8.
Is there an ARP that fits a 401?
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7  Swap Meet / For Sale / Re: 1983 Spirit 7.50 cert
 on: Yesterday at 02:18:21 
Started by THE STING | Post by THE STING
Indy/AMC 499 was the latest engine...other cast block AMC's before that..
Factory cross member is still in it to use oem mounts.
Engine was in factory location and also have a custom cross member for T400 trans.
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8  Swap Meet / For Sale / Re: 1983 Spirit 7.50 cert
 on: Yesterday at 02:05:47 
Started by THE STING | Post by brownSpirit
What motor/trans combo was in it.  Andy
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9  Swap Meet / For Sale / 1983 Spirit 7.50 cert
 on: 11/27/14 at 21:44:40 
Started by THE STING | Post by THE STING
If interested or if you know someone , contact me (Rob) on here or through PM's to exchange #s.
$13,500 obo.
Roller 83 AMC Spirit...
Four corner aerospace brakes.
Fabricated moser 9" /spool/40 spline...a few gear selections to choose from.
60" wheelie bars.
4 link/wishbone/anti roll bar/2 way strange shocks/ stock rear frame rails.
New 1 pass 29.5 10.5 Mickey slicks.
Stroud parachute.
kirkey seats.
10lb fire bottle  
msd 7al3/HVC coil
A2000 aeromotive fuel pump/ 2 aero fuel filters.
7.50-25.5 cert mild steel.
All steel body / could use body work where we opened the lower 1/4s
[/IMG] [/quote]
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10  Racing/Off-Roading / Drag Racing / Re: Oldie but a goodie.
 on: 11/27/14 at 11:44:16 
Started by Pit Crew | Post by 401jim
The stud girdles will not have to be line bored or honed. It is a direct bolt on set up. You must use studs for the main caps. This will fit under the stock oil pan. Smiley
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