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03/29/17 at 07:21:11
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1  The Lounge / Events: Shows/Drags/Swap Meets / Re: GAD 17     ..   16th Year  ...
 on: Yesterday at 23:14:07 
Started by TUBBED_X | Post by 77hornetamx
Hey Man , Me an Ding just wanna put it out that we appreciate what you do .
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2  Tech Talk / Engine Repair/Modifications / kinda Jeep ??? 5.7 Hemi questions
 on: Yesterday at 22:54:32 
Started by 77hornetamx | Post by 77hornetamx
Hey all Posted it here an On Mike,s . picked up an o5 Grand Cherokee with 5.7 hemi that just dumped its timing chain . Found and bought another motor and gonna put a new chain set in before I put it in the grand . Has any one done one ? Did you use mopar stuff or after market ?? the chain set at Local Mopar dealer is about 230 bucks , chain , gear sets . tensioner crank seal .  
Any advice ..Thanks ..77.
Edit Note . An Oh Yea Me an my Trini are still out here . Still kickin it
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3  Tech Talk / Restoration Corner & Member's Projects / Re: pictures of the GRM challenge spirit project
 on: Yesterday at 21:59:26 
Started by dusterbd13 | Post by dusterbd13

We did some stuff that didn't cost any money. Chipping away at that last 20% that takes the other 100% of the time.
First. We got the negative cable terminated to chassis ground. Forgot to take a picture pf that specifically, but you might can see it hanging out in the corner of other pictures.  
Second. We got the shifter mounted. Used a crap of strap steel mounted in front and bent to an angle, and 3 1/4 inch bolts run through the floor to act like studs. Still have to mount the cable to the transmission, as I couldn't wrap my head around it last night and was thinking it was too short. But had an epiphany that woke me up at about 3am, of flipping the shift lever over and coming in from the tailshaft end. Looking through some google images, it appears that's the way its supposed to work. Oops.  

Third. We got the last of the brake lines ran, and the prop valve in. Mounted the prop valve to the shifter, as it was easy and accessible. Rear hard line sleeved in surgical vinyl tubing that a nurse friend of mine gave me. Just wanted to protect it from harm....
I also strapped it down as much as seemed prudent to keep it from harm. All that's left on the brakes are new flex lines (budget exempt rubber parts) double check everything for tightness and proper lubrication, attach pushrod to brake pedal, attach brake pedal to clutch pedal for bigger pad for left foot braking, and bleed it.  

Lastly, we took a couple of pieces of angle iron and made rails to mount the seat to the seat brackets and still be adjustable. Yes, you have to loosen and remove 4 bolts to move it, so its not exactly convenient, but its doable. We also got the brackets mounted through the factory crossmember in the front, and spreader plates in the rear, as well as mounted the seat fully. Other seat will be completely fixed when it gets mounted.  

Next is steering column finishing, brake finishing, filling the last 3 holes in cowl and floor, and mounting the other seat. Then wiring and firing!
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4  The Lounge / Events: Shows/Drags/Swap Meets / GAD 17     ..   16th Year  ...
 on: 03/27/17 at 16:09:48 
Started by TUBBED_X | Post by TUBBED_X
Hi folks, Sorry i thought i had already posted the info about this years GAD...
Date is friday May 26th @ National trial raceway East of columbus Ohio..
Pre-party @ our place Thursday. Robert and Bill will be bringing that Wonderful Pulled pork from SC.
The Band is back Friday night!!!
Heard from Javelin Sue last week, and there will be $$$$$ for the lady racers again this year....
We can use door prizes and or cash for class payouts... pm me if you would like to help support Great AMC Day!
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5  The Lounge / Events: Shows/Drags/Swap Meets / Kenosha Homecoming 2017
 on: 03/22/17 at 00:26:37 
Started by tufcj | Post by tufcj
July 25th - 30th, 2017.  Had a great time there in 2014.  It's on my list for this year, but not set in stone yet.
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6  Swap Meet / For Sale / 848-16 New in box comp roller lifters
 on: 03/20/17 at 14:10:57 
Started by TUBBED_X | Post by TUBBED_X
hi guys,
I have a set of new in box solid roller comp lifters...
400.00 plus shipping
Thanks Mike
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7  The Lounge / Events: Shows/Drags/Swap Meets / Re: 2017 AMC Nationals/NAMDRA/Cordova
 on: 03/20/17 at 00:58:31 
Started by AMC instigator | Post by AMC instigator
It was brought to my attention that I posted the 2016 pre-entry form by mistake. Here is the 2017 AMC Nationals pre-entry form. Thanks! SH

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8  Tech Talk / Engine Repair/Modifications / Re: getting more out of a 304 with a STOCK bottom
 on: 03/19/17 at 12:19:14 
Started by gschuld | Post by matadorman 401
any updates on the little 304 ?
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9  Tech Talk / Restoration Corner & Member's Projects / Re: pictures of the GRM challenge spirit project
 on: 03/12/17 at 23:29:42 
Started by dusterbd13 | Post by dusterbd13
Challenge Budget: Car/parts $200  
Donor Lincoln town car: 410  
Engine crossmember: 120  
Sold transmission crossmember from Lincoln: 10 Sold rear axle from lincoln: -50 Scrapped what was left of lincoln: -89  
trans cooler: 2  
Engine swap: 5.0 plus 300 boot  
Sold kelstar wheels-200 (cant recoup more than we spent)  
2x2 angle iron, tractor supply 12.05  
Brand new Watkins glen nascar slicks and wheels, which were bought for $50, and promptly sold to Dallas dad for $50 and some weld wheels with really old drag slicks. So, slicks were $0, but $50 taken out of the recoup limit.  
6 5/8 heim and jamb nuts, as well as threaded tube for the front suspension: $65  
Pair of aluminum seats, $40 and on;y usng 1 so $20. .  
Sheet of flame retardant high density foam $10  
Fire suppression system parts (not included in challenge budget. But ive had 2nd degree burns on the boys before, so were getting safety gear come hell or high water)  
Solid steel lowering blocks, with the holes drilled to offset the rear axle rearwards. $5  
1/4 plate, scrap metal yard: 7.50  
Mustang convertible mounts 22  
Bending plate cost 25
Swedged tubing, ebay: 31.90  
Threaded adjusters and 650lb springs, SRI performance: 65
2 used billstein shocks, pull-a-part: 14
Cage materials: 271.40
Spool welding wire: 33
Leaf spring sliders: 40
Clamps for spring adjusters: 23.59
Adjustable brake bias valve 18 (amazon)
2 cans of flat black spray paint (lowes project source) .97 ea
Half melted, used 21 circuit ez wiring harness cut from my duster after the mice chewed it up and it had a meltdown. $5 is what I was quoted as FMV due to the fact that copper prices are down.
Accessories and flexplate: see link in update
Battery cables and relays, pull-a-part: 12.75
Steering box, pull-a-part: 27.50
25feet 3/8 steel fuel line, ebay: 25.75
Bypass fuel pressure regulator, ebay: 29.23
Used and noisy fuel pump: 6.50
Used mix and match nitrous kit: 32
Used cast coat aluminum paint: 3.50 (advance price is $7 new, and the can was half empty)
Two half cans of ford engine blue $7
Shifters: 7.50 (bought 2 from a forum member for 15, only need one. So 7.50)
3/8 plastic line clamps, lowes: 1.78
1/2 metal line clamps, lowes: 3.48
Throttle return springs and brackets: 5
3/8 2x compression fittings, 3x npt-compression, 1x t fitting from plumbing supply house: 6
battery hold down, oriellys 5.99
2x 36 inch 1x1 holey tube: 2
Driveshaft safety loop (dad bought it at an auction last week) 5
Tractor supply run for bolts and angle iron: 18.08
New challenge budget total: 1432.44
So, last couple of weeks have NOT gone according to plan.  
And, we haven't done so well at taking pictures.
But, battery is mounted, kill is mounted, main cables are run, melted wiring harness is deconstructed, starter solenoid mounted, fuel system finished, kickdown finished, suspension all but finished, we cut tubes out and remade them in the cage, crank pulley spacer made, jeep box swap finished except for hose, seat mounts made, etc. Busy work, but doesn't look like a lot.  

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10  Swap Meet / For Sale / 1970 heads 291c
 on: 03/11/17 at 20:50:28 
Started by amx390ssc | Post by amx390ssc
1st pair bare and clean  1 manifold bolt repaired $275
 2nd pair complete a little greasy been sitting in garage at least 20 years $325
3rd pair clean and bare heat riser poured with aluminum $450  
4th pair rusty and bare $100
 291c singles of varrious stages  1 runner ported   1 combustion chamber worked on etc great for practice make offer
evrything listed above is for pickup in bath pa only no shipping please call  emailing on this site is not a good option.
Aris 610=837-8309
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