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02/19/17 at 11:55:59
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1  Tech Talk / Restoration Corner & Member's Projects / Re: pictures of the GRM challenge spirit project
 on: 02/11/17 at 00:38:40 
Started by dusterbd13 | Post by dusterbd13
We then proceeded to do this:

Which resulted a couple hours later in this:

We got really lucky. Power steering pump is super close to the box....

I can fit a finger in between at the closest point, so I guess were good.
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2  Tech Talk / Restoration Corner & Member's Projects / Re: pictures of the GRM challenge spirit project
 on: 02/11/17 at 00:37:12 
Started by dusterbd13 | Post by dusterbd13
Challenge Budget: Car/parts $200  
Donor Lincoln town car: 410  
Engine crossmember: 120  
Sold transmission crossmember from Lincoln: 10 Sold rear axle from lincoln: -50 Scrapped what was left of lincoln: -89  
trans cooler: 2  
Engine swap: 5.0 plus 300 boot  
Sold kelstar wheels-200 (cant recoup more than we spent)  
2x2 angle iron, tractor supply 12.05  
Brand new Watkins glen nascar slicks and wheels, which were bought for $50, and promptly sold to Dallas dad for $50 and some weld wheels with really old drag slicks. So, slicks were $0, but $50 taken out of the recoup limit.  
6 5/8 heim and jamb nuts, as well as threaded tube for the front suspension: $65  
Pair of aluminum seats, $40 and on;y usng 1 so $20. .  
Sheet of flame retardant high density foam $10  
Fire suppression system parts (not included in challenge budget. But ive had 2nd degree burns on the boys before, so were getting safety gear come hell or high water)  
Solid steel lowering blocks, with the holes drilled to offset the rear axle rearwards. $5  
1/4 plate, scrap metal yard: 7.50  
Mustang convertible mounts 22  
Bending plate cost 25
Swedged tubing, ebay: 31.90  
Threaded adjusters and 650lb springs, SRI performance: 65
2 used billstein shocks, pull-a-part: 14
Cage materials: 271.40
Spool welding wire: 33
Leaf spring sliders: 40
Clamps for spring adjusters: 23.59
Adjustable brake bias valve 18 (amazon)
2 cans of flat black spray paint (lowes project source) .97 ea
Half melted, used 21 circuit ez wiring harness cut from my duster after the mice chewed it up and it had a meltdown. $5 is what I was quoted as FMV due to the fact that copper prices are down.
Accessories and flexplate: see link in update
New challenge budget total: 1233.38
Little budget housekeeping first:
We removed the long tubes (10), boom tubes (25), gauge cluster (32) one seat (20, and only for the challenge. You will see it throughout the rest of the thread, but not at the event coverage), 2 bilstein shocks (14)  and grant steering wheel (5 may return). Reason being that we needed to cut the budget due to expected expenses (shifter, u-joints, fuel line tubing, hoses, electrical, steering box, linkages, etc). We are going to make it to the challenge. Maybe not with the car we had planned, but the one we built. I have purchased an adjustable brake bias valve (18, not budget exempt due to not stock replacement) and a roll of nicopp tubing (budget exempt for safety). I need to figure out what the 2 half used rolls of 3/8 steel fuel line tube are worth (current price for a 25 foot roll is 32 at the parts store, but im not sure that there's actually 25 foot worth left between the two. They have been in my storage for YEARS. I need to figure out what scraps of 3/8 fuel line are worth, as I have a box full of 4-8 inch pieces. Need to figure out what a used and noisy fuel pump is worth (i paid 13 for it new, was noisy as hell, pulled it off, got a refund from the seller, and replaced it with a different e2000 pump. Need to figure out what a cobbled together nitrous kit is worth (4 solenoids, 2 plates, an msd retard box, brackets, line, bottle, misc chunks that we cobbled together from leftovers in our sheds years ago and I bought from Dustin and dallas’s stashes for all you can eat Chinese dinner. I used the number 32 in my duster build thread when I got it back then, as I think thats what dinner cost me). Need to figure out what 2 used cans of ford blue, and a half used can of cast coat iron are worth. Please advise!!!
On the accessories front, short version is the guy we worked the deal with on the 5..0-302 swap has vanished without completing the transaction. Long version in the link:
So when we got the ruling, dallas got to work. He pulled the accessories from the 5.0 and flexplate, and water pump (different for serpentine), sandblasted and painted. While he was at it, he painted the engine with 2 different cans and brands of ford blue that he had in the cabinet from when his dad restored a mustang, sandblasted and painted everything else that was loose. He ran out of blue before getting the valve covers done, so we shot those in black. Same with the crossmember, engine mounts, brackets, etc. All the concourse points at that challenge that we score will be because of his hard work doing restoration quality detailing. Im amazed at his dedication. Its also proven to be very therapeutic for him to clean and paint stuff, as it helps him to focus on something other than the divorce. Which is GOOD.  
Anyway, when I got to the shop last night, this is what we had:

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3  Tech Talk / Engine Repair/Modifications / Re: Grafting Mopar Victor 383 to AMC RPM Air-Gap
 on: 02/07/17 at 07:26:51 
Started by SuperStockAMX | Post by SuperStockAMX
Finally started assembling my new SS 390 engine this weekend.  
Got the crank in for the final install. Went to file fit all the rings. Bore is 4.236”. Top rings came out of the package with .019” gap and I filed to .024”. Then I went for the #2 rings and out of the package was .045”! Same with oil rings! I had to wait for Monday to exchange the #2 & oil rings which I assume were mixed with another set. Luckily Total Seal is only about 8 miles from my home and that was fixed 1st thing Monday morning. Now the good I planned on installing the pistons Sunday afternoon and work in the shop all day / night to get this done...I ended up watching the Super Bowl and that was worth the delay on the engine!  
I had a lot of real estate work to do today and tonight I finished up file fitting the remaining rings. Tomorrow I can install pistons.  
Crankshaft work was done by ShafTech in MI and EVERY spec was 100% right on. I ended up with .0028” on all main journals, .0018” on every rod journal and .005” on crank end-play.  
Thought I might share some fancy tools I bought. Yea, I know, not cheap. But I have to say it was almost a pleasure to file fit rings instead of using the wobbly hand grinder trying to get a parallel cut. All 8 sets of rings have the exact dimension with .024” top, .030” 2nd and .020” oil.  
I used the typical 1” down ring squaring tool and this new Goodson tool which I used below the 1” ring squaring tool; the ring is sandwiched in between tools and the the top tool is removed to measure the ring gap.
I got a “deal” on this Total Seal ring grinder. I don’t care if you build one engine every two have to get this! Every gap is exactly what I want it. Both ends of the ring are exactly square to one another. Took hardly anytime to do the job. The wheel on the right is a rubber wheel for dressing the burrs once you are done filing.
My home-made grafted Mopar 383 Victor to AMC Performer Air-Gap base is almost done. Sides were finished milled last week and now porter can finish his internal work. Will start with old Torker intake first so I can compare to my work.  
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4  The Lounge / Events: Shows/Drags/Swap Meets / The Mid-Atlantic Classic AMX/AMC Club Annual Winte
 on: 02/04/17 at 15:22:26 
Started by Glenn Quinn | Post by Glenn Quinn
It’s that time of year again. We will have the 2017 get-together at a new location this year with lots bench racing, parts meet, elections and lunch.  
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5  Tech Talk / Engine Repair/Modifications / Re: 68/69, 70  390 harmonic balancers
 on: 02/02/17 at 14:58:58 
Started by 390ina71 | Post by tufcj
I have a 69 390 at home that I can get to the balancer.  If I recall, the 70 360 and 70 390 use the same balancer, the 68/69 is different.  I'll snap a pic of mine and post this evening.
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6  Tech Talk / Engine Repair/Modifications / Re: 68/69, 70  390 harmonic balancers
 on: 02/02/17 at 11:53:08 
Started by 390ina71 | Post by 390ina71
Thanks for that link. I've seen the list on the other AMC site. Here's the reason for my confusion. Go onto Damper Doctors site. Under American Motors, page 3 , are the listings for 390 balancers. It's showing 68-69 3 bolt 70-72 360. The picture clearly shows the 240 degree not the 180. There isn't a pic of the 180. I'm not trying to argue with anyone. just trying to make sure I have the correct balancer. It is possible the other AMC site is incorrect. Anybody with a 68-69 390 apart that could check their balancer? Or a 70 390? I can't afford to build this motor twice. Thanks for ALL input. Great forum.
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7  Tech Talk / Engine Repair/Modifications / Re: 68/69, 70  390 harmonic balancers
 on: 02/01/17 at 00:59:56 
Started by 390ina71 | Post by tufcj
You're backwards.  180* is the 68/69.  Pics at the "other" forum. ml
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8  Tech Talk / General Tech Questions / Re: 258 intake and header question
 on: 01/31/17 at 21:53:31 
Started by 5spdwagon | Post by scott  I think you have to be a member to see all the topics. Here's a link to the guy who used the Clifford products.
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9  The Lounge / Events: Shows/Drags/Swap Meets / Re: 2017 AMC Nationals/NAMDRA/Cordova
 on: 01/31/17 at 20:56:51 
Started by AMC instigator | Post by AMC instigator
To get the group rate at the Ameri Inn in Fulton,IL- (is just north of Cordova Dragway)
Group rate is $99.00/night for 2 queen beds, non-smoking.
Just mention "NAMDRA" during reservation.
They encouraged early reservation to ensure that you can get a room, because we do not have a set block with a guaranteed number of rooms, just a reduced rate for the rooms.
They were very nice to deal with.
Phone #- (815)-589-3333
Address: 1301 17th Street
Fulton,IL 61252
The Holiday Inn- Riverside in LeClaire only had a few rooms left for the date of the show- so I was unable to get a block of rooms there.
We were able to reserve a small block in Clinton,IA.  Phone # (563)-242-9300
Address: 2800 South 25th Street
Clinton, IA 52732
Again-make sure to mention "NAMDRA" during registration for the block rate. The room block cut off date is August 1st, 2017, so after that, the rooms will be make available for general reservations by anyone.
Executive King- non-smoking suites. Have a King bed with a pull out couch- is $119.00/night.
King Jacuzzi Suite- non-smoking- $134.00/night.
Hope this helps you all out! Pretty soon summer will be here again!
Thanks, Bobbi
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10  Tech Talk / Engine Repair/Modifications / 68/69, 70  390 harmonic balancers
 on: 01/31/17 at 20:39:28 
Started by 390ina71 | Post by 390ina71
Any balancer experts out there? Casting #3196925. I find 2 different  harmonic balancers for the 390. One has a raised area of 240 degrees, the other is 180 degrees. Am I correct in thinking the 240 degree is for the 68/69 390, and the 180 is for a 1970? Looked in manuals, but pics weren't helpful. Just want to make sure I have correct balancer for this engine. Thanks
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