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04/21/18 at 02:01:02
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Welcome to the AMC Forum: Everyone should read (Read 96241 times)
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Welcome to the AMC Forum: Everyone should read
12/02/07 at 13:36:10
Welcome to the new & improved AMC Forum.  There have been some changes made as to how the Forum will be used/run, all - in my opinion - implemented to assure a better running site where we can all have some fun.
The biggest change is that your username must be granted privileges to post in the main forum.
There is a Public Arena where anyone can post, but before you can post everywhere on this site, the AMC Forum staff must "flip the switch" so to speak.  
It's a pretty simple process:

  • You register normally, choose your username/password - please fill in your location.  
  • Then, you are required to make one post in the Public Arena; normally, this will be in the Request Posting Privilege forum to say "Let Me In!"  
  • Then a member of the Forum staff will grant those privileges.  At this point in time, myself and Simms are the only people with the ability to flip the switch, so please be patient, we will get to you as soon as is humanly possible.

In the meantime, if you have a question or just want to post something, please feel free to do so in the Public Arena.  Once you are granted privileges, any of the Moderators or Administrators can move your post to the appropriate forum.
***In your Profile, please fill out your Location.  We will NOT give you posting privileges if your location is not entered.***
By no means are you required to register, as long as you don't want to post.  The Forum will be available to read, even if you're not signed-up.  Of course, we would encourage you to become a member and post often, but if you're more comfortable as a lurker, that's find too.
Please read this thread about Membership Expiration as well:
Since we're starting fresh, we've decided to wipe the slate clean for any member previously banned.   But be warned, any member previously banned from the AMC Forum will be on a very, VERY short leash.  Step out of line once and you will be banned, probably without any previous warning.  Once banned, you will lose posting privileges to the main Forum & if you are discovered operating under a different username, your ISP will be contacted.  Again, we want to run a clean, fun forum - troublemakers need not apply.  You are responsible for your own actions.  Users have to start policing themselves.  In the past there have been no major repercussions to stepping out of line.  You'd just sign up under a new name and start again.  I'm taking steps this time to stop this.  
Another change is that users are only able to modify and/or delete their own posts for one day (a 24-hour period).  If, after that time, a user wishes to modify/delete a post, they would need to contact an Admin or the Mod of that particular forum.
Also, a 60-second limit has been placed on posting.  This means you can only submit a post every 60-seconds.  This is to stop people from flooding the boards with banter.
Update: 1/3/07

Any problems you find, please post them in the Suggestion Box forum.
Thanks for coming on board!
-The AMC Forum Staff
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