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04/24/18 at 04:50:52
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Non AMC . (Read 1651 times)
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Barrie, ONT
Non AMC .
06/13/08 at 01:27:33
But its all I got running now at this time . haha . 1950 chebby 5 window 1/2 ton . 68 vette 350 , beatty an woods motor , built approx 25 yrs ago . 40 over , ported polished double bump heads crappy manifolds duals purple hornies holley int  1406 eddy carb hayes 11 inch clutch super t10 b/warner with 260 1 st gear chevelle posi rear gears unknown yet but very very tall ratio , pacer ind frt suspension with power rack an pinion , ( its partly AMC I guess) I,m in a double wide left turn lane for 400 highway north . This ramp is about a 1/4 mile long with a lil chicane in it , fairly steep uphill grade . On the other side is a riced out banged up neon ryder with 3 I,m with stooopids in it . My left turn light is gonna go green theirs right turn  is a red . They make the right onto ramp cutting off the driver in the outside left  turn lane who is next to me , on my right .
Then they do the drift over into my lane a bit at about 25-35 mph .  
So as we all know ...Its " on " now . ..77. still in 1st lays on throttle , and actually starts gaining on them . 2nd gear gaining at a good rate . No tach , thinking , I havent really pushed this thing yet . I let it wind out higher then I should have . This thing pulls friggin hard up around 4 g,s . 3rd gear change just as I,m passing them . The ramp flattens out at the top and it was game over for the mighty neon , one of those 00-02 sport model ones .  
Funny thing , they blew by me pretty fast a couple of seconds after I was sure the race was over . Sad day for neon ryders today ..77.
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