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03/23/18 at 01:34:37
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AMX called a Javelin; close but not quite! (Read 1381 times)

1968 Javelin Rally
Green 232 straight 6

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AMX called a Javelin; close but not quite!
02/22/09 at 02:43:41
Picked up an AMX today and when we pulled in a Hess gas station, the guy next to us says:
"That a Javelin?" Huh
Now of course i was thinking "Wow he is really close". Shocked We told what it was and he said that he remembers those days. Cheesy
I think he deseves 1/2 credit; The AMX is naked, and of course has no emblems, so he did good for what he had. Wink  
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1968 AMC Javelin Rally Green 232 l-6 3-on-the-tree
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Re: AMX called a Javelin; close but not quite!
Reply #1 - 02/22/09 at 05:39:21
1/2 credit is fair, he figured that close any way! People have told me their buddy had a 69 AMX just like mine. Problem is it's a 79 with 390 4speed. Grin Grin, at least they have fond memories. SH
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Low comp bridge pivot motors go fast too! Lots of 1978-80 AMX's, Nurse Bobbis' race car "Wild Thing", Mr. Happyfaces' "Trouble Maker" & many other AMC's. NAMDRA #2398 AMO#8370 Northstar AMC #09
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