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J20 project truck!!! (Read 2616 times)

American Motors

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J20 project truck!!!
07/24/09 at 19:10:11
Going saturday to check out a 79 J20. It's got a Meyers plow, and a cap. 360/TH400, Quadratrac! It's been a Jersey plow truck most of it's life...hope it's not to rusty? Guy said he maintained it very well, and it's inspected and registered so it can't be bad, cus NJ is really tough with that sorta thing! Other than rot, what should I be looking for???
Build plans: BJ's or Skyjacker 4" spring lift, 33x12.5x15.5 BFG AT's, and a BJ's Dozer II front bumper....
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Re: J20 project truck!!!
Reply #1 - 07/25/09 at 00:18:36
I had a FSJ (Grand Waggonner) once that spent time as a snow plough vehicle and after I bought it, I noticed it had a pesky "klunk" (I just don't remember if it was on take-off or stopping)......drove my three mechanic pals (and me) nutz trying to figure out what it was, until one of the fellows said "I think your crank is going forward and backward".....I looked at him, well, kinda like this  Roll Eyes Cheesy Grin Shocked but sure enough, I dropped the oil pan and the middle bearing (I guess its called the "thrust" one) had the, I guess you call it the thrust portion of the bearing, totally gone and the crank WAS going back and forth. I was told thats common for snow plow vehicles........other than that all of my FSJs have been decent workhorses (they do like rust though, but they do put up with alot of stuff you don't do to a "daily driver")
(plus I seem to have a bunch of j20 stuff living here...and no, I've never owned a J20, just J10's and GW's)  Cheesy
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Re: J20 project truck!!!
Reply #2 - 08/10/09 at 22:09:49
Check the rear shackles, spring perches, and frame.  
That's what gave up on my 79 J10.
 Still pushes snow, but no longer roadworthy.
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