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04/21/18 at 01:54:50
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Back in the day (Read 1649 times)
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Back in the day
08/22/09 at 20:28:35
 Way back when I used to race on the street in Albuquerque NM my car was one of the fastest having turned 10.9 @ 128 thru the mufflers on a single 150 shot of nitrous(had a dual stage setup that had 250 on top of that) and used to run it on the street with both systems launch on small and rpm trigger the second at 5500(had two bottles and lines) so it was pretty strong back then at Albs normal 6-9000DA air. Back then a roll bar was only legal to 10.99 so the track techs would never let me run both systems which is why I eventually took it off. It ran 11.6 @ 116 N/A there. With both systems at that alt I estimate it would have ran 9.8 @ 140 or so.  
  So basically on the street I would never race because everyone knew how fast the car was, only thing to run was bikes but that is kinda dangerous, so one night around 1988 we were cruising around and these high school kids were out in a brand new mustang gt(they ran 15.5-16.5 et stock in Alb) and they say lets go and I laugh it off but then after we sat in the parking lot and talked for a while I said sure it was a slow night anyway. He says he wants a head start of 5 cars and I say sure thats nothing and so we went from a dig in front of the local speed shop, line up side by side and I let him go and when he gets out 5 I hit it and it launches and starts flooding out(forgot to turn both bottles on) then it hits 5500 and really floods out so I let off the nitrous and it takes off but by this time hes out pretty far so it takes to about 1000ft till I catch him and put a few cars on before getting out of it.  Shocked Come to find out he had nitrous and it eventually ran mid 13s at the track.  Huh
  The lesson I learned was to never to under estimate a car, don't race without being fully prepared and if you do make sure not too many people are there to see it. Needless to say I went out and bought a new Mustang GT just after that to play around with  Grin I had a lot of fun with that car, then I got married and sold it for a family truckster. Wink
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