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04/25/18 at 16:26:39
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CRUSHER ALERT 1000+ cars/Georgia (Read 2331 times)
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CRUSHER ALERT 1000+ cars/Georgia
12/10/09 at 14:48:53
This is a rather large junkyard, salvage operation in Georgia, the guy is looking to sell off 1000+ cars or crush them. The actual location is
Waugh Enterprises
1640 New Franklin Road
La Grange, GA.  
Mack Waugh
Take a moment to look thru the photos,
as with sheetmetal being at premimum in last 5 years as most has been crushed due to run up in steel prices years ago, this is a trove of sheetmetal if you need stuff, there are only a handful of places like this that still exist with Ramblers, AMCs in them in 2009 headed into 2010.  
A number of these cars look salvagable. Well, maybe not that 71 Javelin cut in 1/2 or the 69(?) AMX, but sure as heck the red 68 Rebel, that is easy resto. I do not know what timeline exists with this selloff either. Could be like Mikes in Albuerquerque (big scrabble word  Roll Eyes NM ) a few years ago which had 6 months to sell off due to new law, or could simply be open ended, but never know so don't delay.
Good luck and hope some of these find homes and the parts help AMC owners in a time that sheet metal has simply vanished for our cars. Thanks to fellow AMCer Mike Stilling's for the heads up to spread the word quickly.  
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Re: CRUSHER ALERT 1000+ cars/Georgia
Reply #1 - 01/23/10 at 01:57:46
There is some cool cars in that junk yard.
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Amc Wagon is almost as cool as a big block chevy
If you dont have 3 pedals its not a real hot rod
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