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motor rebuild sunny florida (Read 986 times)

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motor rebuild sunny florida
05/12/10 at 22:20:17
Anyone with knowledge of AMC V8 motor assembly. I have short block finish, need to install:  gear drive, roller cam, lifters etc to be degree in and what length push rod length to purchase. Intake, heads and front cover assembly. The motor is NOT stock and most parts must be hand fitted. If you are near Ft Lauderdale area and can do more then just change gaskets, give me a follow up.
I'm have too many projects going on now and have this project with finishing the motor correctly and it may be too much for me or it just beating me. I'm not asking for any free help, you will be payed for you time and work.
Hope to hear from someone, before I go to Plan 2
Thanks Smiley
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1970 AMX, 410, 4 speed
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