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04/23/18 at 07:34:45
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AMC 360 Rebuild (Read 3373 times)

Jax Beach Noob

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Jacksonville Beach, FL
AMC 360 Rebuild
10/18/10 at 14:53:17
I am brand new to the forum and a novice at rebuilding engines.  This will be my first attempt.
I currently have an 85 CJ7 with the 258.  
I ran across an add on craigs for the following.
amc 360 v8 runs jeep motor still in truck its my daily driver so i know its good t4 trans goes with im putting a cummins in my jeep
will pull if your serious can here jeep run and drive, also have an edelbrock intake for it so you can run a 4 barrel carb"
I went Saturday to pick it up, unfortunately that also meant pulling it.
When I got it home I started looking everything over.
It has a set of Headman Headers on it.
Eddlebrock Torker Intake
The tranny is actually a T-176
He through in the Flowmasters
So I think I did fairly well.  I will be selling the tranny.  I have a t-176 that was just rebuilt.
Is there anything I should plan for "out of the norm" on the rebuild.  I was reading that the oil pick-up wasn't that great and there were mods that can be done to correct the issue, etc.
Are there any nice rebuild write-ups out there.






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American Motors

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Madison, OH
Re: AMC 360 Rebuild
Reply #1 - 11/29/11 at 13:54:27
One (1) later....   how did that engine swap go.
I just did a 360 into a 79 AMX.    Pulled the 304.  Had to use the 'larger' engine mounts.   Use Edelbrock 'Shortie' 360 Jeep headers that matched the AMC Exhaust manifolds.  Flange size was different though.
Hooked up a T5 Mustang Transmission 5 speed to it.
Used Edelbrock components.. race cam, Alum Heads,  their recommended Rocker Arms, Push rods....
Edelbrock Air Gap alum intake and Holley 4bbl mechanical secondaries...
The car ...screams...
Too bad I spun a rod bearing.. got 'rod' knock...   oh well... a cheap Ebay 360 short block...  get what u pay for
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