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04/23/18 at 07:10:29
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Non AMC New age Camaro Kid takes it hard Old Schoo (Read 2602 times)
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Non AMC New age Camaro Kid takes it hard Old Schoo
10/23/10 at 02:21:11
Theres a guy with enuff money to rice out a new Camaro in my end of town . Every so often you see him on my road which is five lanes wide . Doing that , I have to really romp on the gas to pass a 4 dr sedan kinda thing .
 Theres also an old dude , I mean like 65 . With a nice looking circa 65 - 66 2 dr hdtop full size Mopar . Like a big black on black fury III . You see him an Momma idling over to the local A an W , or on nice sunny day drives  now n then .
Me an my Buddy carlos were over at the plaza , across the road . And were walking back to my car . I,m like hey man theres that old Mopar . We watch it coming cause its cool . An up comes the Camaro Kid . He,s tail gating , then blasts past in the right lane . They both get the red light . No other cars on the road . I,m like to Carlos . 5 bucks says the Mope takes the Kid . No way yer on he says .
Lights go green an The Kid is off like a rocket . Mopar never moved . The Kid pulls up about 100 ft past intersection .
All of a sudden its like WTF that Ol Mope ,s got cut outs on it . Ol Dude hits to about 3 grand . Lets off . Backs up about 10 ft . An friggin pins it . Launches about half way thru intersection . Stops . Backs up . Pulls ahead to the line an waits . Its got that old cam real cool harrrummmff sound and a poppity popppittty idle .
We look around and The Kid is gone . I,m like Oh Man if he falls for that he,s gonna take it hard an the ol dude isnt even gonna spit on it .  
 And here he comes sneakin round thru the mall parking lot , across the street , thru the Petro can ( gas  station ) lot . Out onto my street and comes out behind and slips in next to the Mopar in the curb lane . Moper gives a haul on gas . Kid does the same . They wait Lights gonna go green . The Kid is off first . Mopar a split second behind and it does one of those one frt tire on the ground / one frt tire just touching the pavement things . Blows by the Kid , around the 3 to 400 ft mark lets of and drops to a cruising speed . The Kid blows by him ( winning of course , in his eyes ) and kept on going .
 I have no idea and dont really care what one of the new muscle cars perform like . But one new black Camaro took it hard , Old School . Right on my street by an out dated , heavy old hunk that the old dude probably went to his prom in , in like 1970 ..77.
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Re: Non AMC New age Camaro Kid takes it hard Old S
Reply #1 - 10/23/10 at 05:48:19
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Re: Non AMC New age Camaro Kid takes it hard Old S
Reply #2 - 10/23/10 at 10:23:52
Love it!!! (Caution-old guys can be sneaky!)  Wink
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Re: Non AMC New age Camaro Kid takes it hard Old S
Reply #3 - 10/23/10 at 13:05:51
wwwaaaaiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttttt a minute..........YOU had $5....did Ding know? I never openly admit to my wife on a public forum I have money in my wallet  Grin Cheesy
I used to work for a VeeP of installation services when I worked overseas, had a sign over his desk said "Old Age and Treachery will always overcome Youth and Skill"
gotta gets me one of dem signs
I remember tooling around London, in my buddies hornet hatchback stopping in getting gas and hearing the whine of a super charger, look up and see a black blown hemi charger (with a very nice older blonde lady in the passenger seat) toying with a 383 black cuda in the right lane.......and just like a kodak moment.....the blonde lady looked over and did "the wave" and the charger was gone, I mean "gone"...the cuda dude is probably still hanging his something out of the movies....I think I could still pick her and the car out of a lineup  Grin Cheesy
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