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401AMX1969 (Read 1718 times)
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Barrie, ONT
08/12/11 at 03:17:22
I would like to Thank , Yves and Renee . The 4.7 in our 01 Grand Cherokee got hungry an ate an exhaust valve . Damaging the number two piston . Leaving with under 60 psi compression . The only decent sounding engine I could find for sale was on Kijiji in Gatineau Quebec . Approx 5 1/2 hour drive from my place .
 I  p/m,d  Yves to ask how close he was to the seller . He wasnt , he lives maybe 2 hrs from the location . . I sent Yves the guys info and he called the seller for me and got some info from him . I figger if I could get some one from the same province to talk to him , that would help me make the long distance decision a bit easier .  
With the 4.7 down , that left us with using our winter beater high mileage Sploder for the trip . Splodey got his first oil change since I,ve owned it , approx 2 yrs . Then  the thursday evening , Splodey got a flat , found a cut in another tire . Which meant run around , go on Kijiji again and get a real nice set of 4 tires . Put on saturday for the sunday trip .  
Yves was good enough to give us the phone number of a friend of his who would be home on the weekend and lived near the seller , in case we had a problem with the truck .
 We went , ( I think Splodey gets better mileage the Heep does ) bought the motor , seller threw in some parts and we bought another piece off him for the Jeep . With the parts thrown in on deal we paid approx 750 for the motor . with about 40 k miles on it from an 02 Grand .
The motor is in , and so far running great .
 Angela an I would both like to Thank Fran an Yves an Renee. Thru this site I was able to get some good advice and info from another AMC,er thru P/m,s  
 Also note that Yves was on vacation , while he was helping us out with this ..Doug/77 an Angela .
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Re: 401AMX1969
Reply #1 - 08/22/11 at 11:19:56
No doubt, Yves & Renee' are FIRST CLASS people and true assets to the hobby!
-Don Bangs
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