The AMC Forum - 71 AMX vs rolling boom box
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04/21/18 at 02:08:32
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71 AMX vs rolling boom box (Read 1990 times)
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71 AMX vs rolling boom box
08/17/11 at 17:33:57
I wasn't there to see it happen but my brother had his AMX out a couple weeks ago headed to work when sitting at a stop light this rolling boom box rolls up with the bass cranked... Jesse is running the same exhaust I am. 3 inch with H pipe and dumps infront of the axle. He just brought the rpms up far enough to get the insides of the AMX rattling and looks over to see the kid in the boom box looking around thinking he blew a speaker and the kid shut the sterio off and the car in the other lane had the guy hanging out the window laughing and giving Jesse a BIG thumbs up.  Cool  Grin Too cool a story not to share with you guys here on the forum.
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Re: 71 AMX vs rolling boom box
Reply #1 - 08/19/11 at 00:20:28
Man, there's no "Like" button in here!
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