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04/22/18 at 02:40:24
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New!!!! Part Numbers from Cometic... (Read 1207 times)
Steve OB
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New!!!! Part Numbers from Cometic...
03/30/12 at 03:37:22
I was informed today by Cometic Gasket they will introduce 2 new part numbers for AMC MLS head gaskets to their catalog.  
#C5669-040: 290/304, 3.810 Bore, .040 Thick.  
#C5674-040: 343/360, 4.140 Bore, .040 Thick.
These are catalog numbers. They will be available in all thicknesses 027", .030", .036", .040", .045", .051", .056", .060", .066",
.070", .075", .080", .084", .086", .089", .092", .095", .098", .120" and .140".
Whether they sell a catalog part or custom bore/thickness gasket the lead time will still be 3-4 business days to build.
Pretty cool that there are now smaller bore performance gaskets available.  
Any thoughts??????
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Steve Obertanec
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Re: New!!!! Part Numbers from Cometic...
Reply #1 - 04/13/12 at 15:07:47
While I'm not in the market for a pair right now,it's good to know they are available.Thanks for the info!
what would you use a .140" thick gasket for?I thought .040" with a zero deck was the current hot set-up for suppressing detonation.Or would that be for using a longer rod and letting the piston sit above deck?(as long as the 1st compression ring is below deck level)
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