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02/06/16 at 07:03:29
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porting 090 heads (Read 1770 times)

American Motors

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porting 090 heads
06/26/12 at 01:31:48
i just started porting a set of 090 heads. for a new 420 inch that i have the short block together.
i want to use 2.080 chebby intakes .100 longer and stock length 1.71 ford valves
who makes the best valves today, manley just dont seem as good as they used to be.
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American Motors

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tiverton ontario
Re: porting 090 heads
Reply #1 - 06/26/12 at 03:02:53
Well I don't know about new valve manufacturers or some of the so called stainless products out there but:
- you can usually tell a good intake martensetic (hardend) valve as it is magnetic. Will not deform at intake valve tempuratures and wear well on hardened seats.
- good exhaust valves should be non magnetic austenetic steel.  Although softer they handle higher temperatures of the exhaust.  Martensetic valves on the exhaust tend to break. cry
Some manufactuers are using austenetic steel intake and exhaust.  Personally, on older engines, I have not found these to last as long.
Some of the steels out there today say one thing and are actually another.  I tested an 8.8 10 mm bolt and found it to be 4.8 at best.  Many aircraft and higher end industries are  buying only products with test certificates for just this reason.
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Re: porting 090 heads
Reply #2 - 06/26/12 at 13:15:44
Manley makes good valves...but when you have an engine problem they break...ferrera are good and when you have an engine problem they bend....
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