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02/20/18 at 23:33:04
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Non-automtive: Need a good concrete crew (Read 1059 times)
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Non-automtive: Need a good concrete crew
02/17/14 at 16:10:50
I've got a good bit of concrete work that needs done at my place and the most highly recommended guy in my area is a flake (hired him for a few other minor jobs and he double billed me and did bad work)...
Sooo... I need someone that knows what the hell they're doing. These aren't tiny jobs... New retaining walls on my walk out basement, new hot tub nook that doesn't look amateur as hell, new slab in front of walk out (currently some goofy installed paver job... I'd like stamped concrete instead), about 50 feet of new sidewalks and new front door steps.
This will easily be a 60 hour job for an entire crew of 4-6 guys. You'll absolutely need a bobcat and an excavator of some sort and I'll provide a dumpster and porta-john for 7 days. You'll also need to be licensed and insured. I don't need show home stuff but I do want good work that will last for decades and looks like a pro did it.
I have a large gravel area on my property that you can store your equipment on during the work (trailers can be stored at my Dad's place... I don't have THAT much room) and your crew is welcome to camp on site (this is obviously going to be a summer job) and will have evening access to showers.
Work will take place in Indiana in the 46845 zip. I'll pay all materials as they are consumed and transportation costs. Absolutely no payment labor payment until work is complete.
If you really want to go nuts and stay a COUPLE weeks (by then the community shower idea might be old. We can arrange another idea) I've got PLENTY more that needs done if you're also capable of doing professional quality framing and roofing (and are licensed and insured). My 2 car has a rotted roof (down to the supports in the rear) and rear wall and the walkout sliding door needs replaced (which will require structural framing... there is rot there for sure and I want to switch to a french door with storms). If you do a nice job you can come back in Summer '15 for all new windows and siding. My parents also have plenty of work on their 5400 sq^2 home.
Sooo... i know construction has been a bit of a crap shoot the past few years. The "good guys" seem to stay busy, but the "good guys" also seem to suck. If someone that can do this work and meet my requests is interested in some nice work steady work for a few weeks, let me know. If you're serious and don't mess around between me and my parents you can probably work for a 1/3 of your summer out here without looking for another job.
As soon as the 2 feet of snow clears I can take some pictures and dimensions if there is interest.
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