The AMC Forum - SJ Jeep as daily driver??
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02/20/18 at 23:32:48
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SJ Jeep as daily driver?? (Read 1086 times)
Mads K

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SJ Jeep as daily driver??
11/05/14 at 07:14:18
Not completely sure where to post, but here it goes.
Would it be possible to drive and maintain a 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer (SJ) as a year-around daily driver?
My girlfriend is driving a 2003 Trans Sport AWD at the moment, but its growing old really fast.
Rock Auto seems to supply a lot of parts, but my main concern is not getting too much downtime, when its the missus doing the driving. It needs to go smooth.
I am living in Denmark, Northern Europe (could just as well be Northern Korea with our "wellfare" state)
Regards, Mads
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