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10/23/17 at 13:17:49
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Fan's... Yep old school tryin out new tech... (Read 1933 times)
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Fan's... Yep old school tryin out new tech...
06/13/15 at 09:41:51
My wife has a 1989 Jeep Grand-Wagoneer, It's got the aluminum radiator. I also bought an aluminum water pump. I bought a 6 blade solid direct drive fan. Non-flex/Non-clutch fan a man fan Cheesy  
Now a friend of mine misordered a set of 10" electric fans ordered 2 but they came as sets so now he has 4 fans and only needs 2. They flow 2800cfm as a pair or 1450cfm singularly. Each fan draws 4 amps.
Would I be better off just running the electro fans? Would the pair fit? And will the 8amp draw over work the stock alternator?  
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