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02/24/18 at 04:01:38
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401 Longblock (Read 826 times)
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401 Longblock
12/10/16 at 23:51:14
Just got my rebuilt 401 shortblock back from the machine shop. Since I planned on selling it assembled I thought I'd offer it as-is first.

Ran it a couple hundred miles last summer. Made good power but I wasn't happy with the oil pressure being low (excessive main bearing clearance) so I had it done again and the bearing clearances corrected to AMC's specs.
I'm offering up the complete long block, just needs to be assembled.
Here's what's in the assembled 401 short block:
- Stock AMC 401 forged crank. 0.020" undersized rod journals, 0.040" undersized main journals.
- Forged Speed Pro L2380 pistons 0.030" overbore w/rings.
- Forged AMC original rods have beams polished and have ARP rod bolts.
- ARP main studs with custom made windage tray.
- Coated bearings.
Here's the rest:
- Edelbrock Performer RPM Air-Gap intake.
- Pair of AMC 319 6291-C casting heads with port and bowl work done.
- Good stock timing cover with oil pump.
- Comp Cams Ultra Gold rocker arms.
- Comp pushrods.
- ARP rocker studs.
- Modified stock oil pan to clear windage tray.
- Cloyes double roller timing chain.
- Comp Cams custom grind flat tappet camshaft.
- Coated cam bearings.
- All new gaskets.
- Stock valve covers.
- Fuel pump eccentric and distributor drive gear & bolt.
- Stock head bolts.
- Stainless intake bolts.
- Alternator bracket.
- Stock water pump.
- Carter Superpump fuel pump.
- New Purolator 30005 oil filter.
Here's the cam card.

Here's what it looked like in the car this past summer.

This combination got me 438 HP and 470 TQ from a previous engine that I had in a '73 Gremlin years ago. Haven't had this particular engine dyno'd but it should be similar.
$4,300 takes it.
PM if interested.
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