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02/21/18 at 07:26:00
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Parts in Phoenix AZ 360-401 parts, blocks, heads, (Read 326 times)
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Parts in Phoenix AZ 360-401 parts, blocks, heads,
11/26/17 at 05:41:53
Old friend I ran into last week. No longer an AMC enthusiast and dumping his stash. All I can tell you is what he has, I have no idea of condition.
Email me if you want to get in touch with him at
’68-’69 390 block 4.175” bore.
’68-’69 390 block 4.195” bore.  
’68-’69 crank needs rod journal weld repair.  
401 block 4.240” bore has extra head bolts with matching heads that have been ported.
401 block 4.200” bore.
(2) 401 heads w/ extra head bolts (bare).
(2) ’68-’69 “x” heads ported with double valve springs.
(1) ’68-’69 “x” head (bare).
(3) late model 360-401 heads (bare).
(1) late model 360 complete.
(1) late model 401 complete.
(8) 401 Rods.
(2) Norris Cams
Box of fuel pump eccentrics, Distributor drive gears, one bag of VIN rivets.
He’s looking for $3,000 total. Doesn’t seem interesting in splitting it up but he probably will if there’s enough interest out there.  
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